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Be a Guest Poster

I would love to network with other bloggers out there to share articles with each other. I am always up for frugal living posts such as:

  • Couponing
  • Do It Yourself
  • Meal Planning
  • Living frugally
  • Original recipes- not from Food Network!!!

All articles must include an original picture(s).  I cannot stress this enough because I don’t read posts without pictures so other people won’t read them. By submitting the photo you agree that you own the rights to use the photograph, that it is in the public domain, or covered by a Creative Commons License that allows reuse. DO NOT send me pictures that I can’t use! If you do not submit any pictures then your post won’t be published.

I am not accepting:

  • Insurance
  • Cell phones
  • Credit Cards
  • Loans
  • Security
  • Mortgages

You can contact me through the contact form with your topic ideas if you feel you have something that fits into the above guidelines. You cannot request that content be removed from my site after it has been submitted and approved. Submitted articles become the property of this site once they are live.

As of 7/16/2012 all guest posts will be at a charge and will include two nofollow links within the body/bio.  I have been receiving far too many requests and very few follow the guidelines outlined above so I have implemented this to save my inbox. Save yourself some time and email another blogger if you can’t take the time to read what I have outlined.

Please Note: If you are an actual blogger. I mean, a blogger that has their own domain and you want to guest post for FREE then by all means I will let you. I am charging for companies that want to ‘guest post’ to get a backlink to their company’s site. 

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