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Starting A Plant in Water

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Start a Plant in Water


Coleus Plant

Did you know with some plants, you can simply take off a piece of a stem, stick it in water and grow a new plant? This is a great way to expand or fill an area in your flower bed without breaking the bank. The plant I am working with is Coleus. I love Coleus because it has so many color varieties and even some that are variegated.  From green to a vibrant red, there is always a color that will fit in your flower garden.

You will need:

  • A piece of your coleus plant (I am starting 3 plants so I have 3 stems)
  • a cup fulled with water (A clear cup is ideal)
  • small container pot
  • potting soil

Step 1. Cut a stem off the main stalk of your coleus plant.

Coleus Stems

Step 2.  Place Stems in Cup filled with water.

Coleus In Water


Step 3. When the roots have grown from the stem (1 to 2 weeks) place in container pot with potting soil so it may grow a little more.

New Coleus Plant

Step 4. Place in an area in your yard, or in a larger container pot.

Coleus in Dirt

And there you have it! Soon these plants will be covering this entire area. This garden tip can really help you spread your budget in the flower bed! Happy Gardening!

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I am a semi "crunchy" Mommy of 3 who loves to Do it Herself! Whether it is making baby food or meals from scratch to canning food to last through the winter, I find ways to stretch every penny to help my family get back ahead of the game! If I ever have time I love to knit, sew and many other DIY projects. I also enjoy teaching dance, gardening, and if given "Mommy time" that isn't going to the grocery store; I would run to the closest Library and read as many books as I could with the biggest vat of coffee I could find! Join me in my journey as I venture into moving from a novice DIY gal to a semi-pro!

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