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Prepare for Labor with Birth Plans for Dummies

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Birth Plans for Dummies

Episiotomy, Epidural, Laboring down, Bradley Method, HypnoBirthing…

Those are scary words if you don’t know what they mean, they could very well still be scary words when you know what they mean. Not all women make birth plans for their delivery, those that do usually don’t have any questions while they are in the hospital. Of course, with the exception of the moms who have already been around the block once.¬†Birth Plans for Dummies¬†holds all of the answers you are looking for! No joke, I’ve had a baby and I learned something new when I read this book.

Birth Plans for Dummies- Ten Tips for Creating a Workable Birth Plan

People thought my sister was more than a little crazy for creating such a detailed birth plan. OCD much? Let me tell you, as someone who was in the delivery room with her, how much I appreciated her birth plan. We were all on the same page with what she wanted, and she got it. (She might have accomplished that.) She was beyond determined to have a natural delivery; she wanted it to hurt so bad that she would never want another baby. Epidural wasn’t part of our vocabulary until it was all over, or she requested one. She was one of those women who asked for a saline lock so she wasn’t constantly hooked up to an iv. She KNEW what she wanted!Birth Plans for Dummies- Choosing Your Birth Team, Birth Place, and Guests

Is Birth Plans for Dummies For Me?

One of my favorite parts of the book talked about guests in the delivery room. (I already ranted about delivery room guests so you will have to hop over to that post and read it if you want to hear what I have to say. :))

This book went over everything you would possibly want to know about your delivery. I know I am not the only person out there that was too busy to go to any classes, we just talked about the pros and cons of classes in the mommy group. I had no idea all of the options available to laboring moms because I didn’t go to the classes. Did you know about laboring down or instinctive pushing? I sure didn’t!

I HIGHLY recommend this book for the information in it. I learned plenty and it will be a great refresher when it is time for baby #2!

Birth Plans for Dummies is on sale right now on Amazon!

I received a copy of Birth Plans for Dummies to facilitate my review. All opinions and pictures are my own.

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