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Tips for Feeding Your Baby Solids #Mompact

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Do you know what milestone you reach at the suggested age of 4 months?  I will give you some hints.  Your pretty yellow and grainy breast milk poop, yes I totally said poop and pretty in the same sentence, is going to turn all different colors and become more solid.  You have the overwhelming urge to hire someone just to keep up with your baby’s laundry.  If you have a dog you will find them doing the Beggin’ Beggin’ Beggin’ dance beneath the high chair and you will have mountains of glass baby food jars because you just can’t let them go and miss an awesome craft!

You are starting solids!

Here are some of my tips just from my experiences feeding Michael.

  • Buy stock in bibs.  
    • I feed Michael about 3 jars of food each day and each feeding has it’s own bib.  You do the math.
  • Get the double sided bibs.
    • While you might think the bibs with the plastic on the back are a great idea, they aren’t.  Just stick with the thicker cloth ones so you can use the back to wipe their face when you are done.  I have yet to have a bib that leaked through to the other side and therefore I think the plastic side is useless.
  • Make your own food.
    • If it is at all possible just make your own food!  In the beginning it is as simple as a puree and so much cheaper if you do it.  Just take an afternoon and do it!  It is even cheaper if you have your own garden and you use those vegetables.
  • Read the labels.
    • Some baby foods are made with purees and some are made with the actual fruit or vegetable.  Just read the label to see what is actually in that jar of food that you are about to feed your baby.  I have found that Beechnut has both but if you get the ones branded with Chiquita or Green Giant those have always been straight produce and not purees.
  • Baby led weaning.
    • If your little one will not eat purees then you might try the baby led weaning approach.  There isn’t anything wrong with your child if you do not start food until they are ready.  Michael wants to eat whatever I am eating and will beg like a dog if you don’t let him try what is on your plate.
  • Use the suggested time tables as guides not law.
    • They typically say do not start anything until 4 months old and then it must be oatmeal or rice cereal.  I am here to tell you that these are guidelines and not the rules of the road.  Michael was tearing up 3 servings of food a day at 4.5 months old.  I did a vegetable, a fruit and a serving of oatmeal cereal every day and he is still alive and is a garbage disposal!
  • Try different consistencies.
    • This tip is more for the whole oatmeal and rice cereal foods.  You are going to have to experiment to find what your baby likes.  Michael liked about 1/8 cup of oatmeal with 1 ounce of formula.  When you are making your purees keep them thick because you can always add formula in them to thin them out until they get older and want it thicker.
  • Utensils.
    • You need just as many spoons as you need bibs.  I like the rubber covered spoons the best because Michael likes to chomp down if he is in a playful mood.  A good bowl like Baby Dipper is going to make your life easier because you can feed one handed since the bowl doesn’t slide.
  • Be patient
    • You little one is learning right along with you so give them a break.  Wait until they are done and ready for another bite before offering the spoon.  I promise if your child is anything like Michael that you will know when they are ready for their next bite!

I wrote a post on Baby Dipper when it went on super sale so you can see some of my previous eating adventure pictures if you would like.  I also mention all of the reasons that I adore Baby Dipper in that post so you have to check it out!  I promise there is a really cute squash face picture that you MUST see.

You all know that I love Mompact and the products that these Mom Inventors have created are pretty stellar!  This week’s giveaway theme is about making your children more independent.  I am the most excited for Antsy Pants and have already told Daddy Michael that I am buying them instead of buying disposable trainers because I do not have a stockpile of disposables already.  I have yet to need diapers for Michael because I had bought that many diapers while pregnant!

Since I am the most excited for Antsy Pants I wanted to share a couple of the posts from the other Bloggers on this promotion.  April likes the stretchy sides of the Antsy Pants and that they have snaps in case you have a poop accident.  Jessie has yet to wake up to a wet bed even though her Son is a heavy wetter.  Nicole realized that cloth diapers aren’t for her but the feeling of being wet is going to help her potty training!

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This giveaway is sponsored by Mompact.com.  This is a product “invented by moms, for moms” and I received this product in order to facilitate my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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