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Make The Switch From Ice Cream to Healthy Cream #JennieOCFK #CBias

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It is time for another challenge and this time it is the #JennieOCFK challenge!  My mission is to ‘Make The Switch‘ and show you how much money you can save just by thinking a little outside the box.  I promise you are in for a treat and the pun was totally on purpose!  I am going to show you how I traded ice cream for something way cheaper and so healthy it will make your head spin! (You can find the full recipe to print at the bottom of the post.)

If you have followed my recipes lately you know that this Silk Fruit&Protein made a delicious strawberry cake, some adorable mini fruit pizzas and some creative Rice Krispies treats!  This time I am using it to add some additional flavor to my banana ice cream.  I used 2 ingredients and they were things I already had on hand so it cost NOTHING!  I want you to think about this for a minute.  You are actually saving money because you are going to use those bananas that you would end up tossing because no one likes eating a mushy banana.

I have a huge tip for you and your frozen bananas that I wish I would have known before this project.  The bananas are going to be freezing, freezer DUH, and they will be hard.  Freezing them with the peel on is going to make life a little harder when it comes time to make your ice cream.  Next time I will try freezing them without the peel and in an air tight container.  I ended up having to cut them with a knife while holding them with a towel.  Brr!

When they got to about this point I pushed the walls down and added 1/2 cup of the Silk Fruit&Protein.  I added another 1/2 after I blended some more to get the creamy consistency.  I just want to say that I love my food processor!

Look at that beautiful consistency!  Doesn’t it just look yummy?!  I used my spatula to scoop it all out, put it into a container and popped it back into the freezer to chill again. I wanted it to get colder but I also put it back in the freezer because I had to go change a poopy diaper. :)

Think about this: A container of ice cream usually retails for $3.99-$5.99 and you get 7 cups of ice cream.  Don’t forget about all of the sugar and the fact that you just blew your diet!  My recipe created 2 cups of ice cream out of 2 bananas and 1 cup of Silk Fruit&Protein!

That isn’t all guys!  With the money we are saving by making healthy switches we are donating food to Motherly Intercession for this month’s SIMPLE Service Project with Champions for Kids!  This is the fourth project I have worked with them on and I must say that they are a great group of people.  Champions for Kids‘ mission is to mobilize MILLIONS of people to improve the lives of children in their communities.  Flint has a lot of children who could use the help and I invite you to take a minute and think about how you are able to help, however big or small it might be.  The size of your donation does not matter to a child in need.

Motherly Intercession has many programs for children of incarcerated parents to hopefully break the cycle of inter generational incarceration.

  • 325 provides children, ages 3-5, with academic support to get them ready for the classroom.
  • B-FAD is a twice a month jail visitation program for children and their Mothers.
  • N-Touch teaches children about the laws and how their choices will impact their lives.
  • RACS is a bi-weekly program for children, ages 6-18, that offers tutoring services along with a healthy meal.

You can see my full shopping trip in my Google+ album!

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