Mar 25

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How To Be The Perfect Grandma Review & Giveaway

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Do you remember the giveaway I posted about in a previous post for the book, How To Be The Perfect Grandma? With Mother’s Day right around the corner I thought this book would be the perfect addition to my Mom’s gift since this is her first Mother’s Day as a… Grandma!  You can try and win the gift pack for your special Grandma at the bottom of this review!

Bryna Nelson Paston wrote this book so well because I was cracking up throughout most of the book.  I want to point out the first ‘Rule’ that I was especially dying while reading, Rule 7.  Just in case you missed my post about it, Michael recently fell down the stairs.  Yes, the whole flight of stairs and you can read about it in this post.  Grandmas make mistakes too and she is honest about a big fall her little Grandchild took.  The really funny part is that her Son’s name is Michael and my Husband’s name is Michael so I could just picture him freaking out the same way!

The next rule I could totally relate to was about the In-Laws.  I really feel bad about this one but it is hard.  My Mom gets way more than Michael’s Mom and it started from the very beginning.  She was in the delivery room, she has gotten him overnight, she can have play dates and she can drive him without any worries of my own.  I can’t explain why but she is MY Mom so I trust her way more even though I know Michael’s Mom would do a good job.

Overall, this book is so entertaining and was a breeze to read.  I read it in just a few hours because I had an overtired baby situation to deal with in the middle of reviewing it.  I think it is written well and if you can’t relate to any one of the rules in it you are probably perfect and can just move on.  For the rest of us, put your feet up and grab your popcorn.  I really would recommend it to parents and Grandmothers.  Parents should read it to see what really goes on in a Grandmother’s head and Grandmothers should read so they can sit there nodding in agreement.

You can buy it on Amazon for $9.99 with free shipping and don’t forget to enter to win the prize pack below!

I received my own copy of the book in order to facilitate my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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