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Are You a Boogie Wipes Fan?

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Are you a Boogie Wipes fan yet?  Have you tried the new Saline Soothers?  Do you want to try both out if you haven’t yet?  You should keep reading if you are at all a little interested or like to get samples!

The Saline Soothers website offers coupons with their newsletter!

The Boogie Wipes website offers an email newsletter that send coupons and samples!

Or for my awesome readers I am offering a special way to get samples of both the Boogie Wipes and the Saline Soothers!  There is a short survey, only 9 questions short, and when you complete the survey you can leave me your address in a comment and I will send you the samples!

I won’t approve that comment so I am the only one who will see it and you are safe!  But you also have to tell me what question #9 is so I know you actually did the survey.  No liars allowed!

The link to the survey is here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/MalleryS 

If you don’t want the samples sent to you because you already adore the wipes then I would love for you to do the survey because you adore the wipes!  It is helping them get an idea of what people think who may or may not be using their wipes already.

Do you want to be considered to become a Saline Ambassador too?  I got a pretty awesome swag box of things to go out and promote the brand (see above picture)!  To be considered go apply here! Make sure you say I referred you too!

I am going to through a giveaway of some of my swag together for you guys soon too so be on the lookout!  It will have multiple winners too!

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