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Using Swagbucks to Earn Amazon Codes

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Search & Win

OK- so now that I have my friends hooked on the fabulous Amazon diaper deals they are curious to know how exactly I get all of these Amazon gift cards to pay for any overage after my coupons for those diapers.  I use Swagbucks for the majority of my Amazon codes!  Once you earn 450 Swagbucks you can redeem those bucks for a $5 Amazon gift card!  Easy right?!

So their question is how to really maximize ways to earn the bucks so we can get those Amazon codes that much quicker!  There are so many ways to earn Swagbucks that you have some great options.  They keep adding new ways just to sweeten the pot too!

Searching the Web (see photo above)

This sounds simple but I have found that I need to make it my homepage so it is the first thing I see once I open up my browser.  Most of the time I have at least six windows open during my internet browsing sessions so each time I open up my browser it gives me six possible searches to start.  So I type in ‘Facebook’ instead of typing Facebook.com into the browser menu.  Believe it or not I will hit on one of the six standard searches I do just opening up my windows.  The next search will be Gmail then Yahoo mail and so on.

Fridays are called MEGA SWAGBUCKS day because the searches typically pay out better.  I have gotten a 32 swagbucks reward just for a search on a Friday.  It’s like another way to celebrate TGIF!

Watching Videos

It sounds dumb I know but I don’t really watch them.  You earn 10% for each video you watch and they are about 3 minutes long each.  I just let them play in the background until they are over and go about my normal internet habits.  Once your bar fills up you will earn 3 bucks!

Printing & Redeeming Coupons

You will earn 10 Swagbucks now for every coupon printed and REDEEMED at the store.  Keep in mind you can’t just print the coupons and never use them because you won’t get credit that way.  I recommend only printing out the coupons that you really are going to use or it is a waste of ink!

Buying Daily Deals

I am not big into making a lot of purchases from the daily deal sites because a lot of times they are things that aren’t very practical in my everyday life.  Every once in a while though something nice does come along and if you make the purchase through Swagbucks you can earn and easy high amount of bucks.

Playing Games

Now you can even play games and earn bucks!  Of course the options might not be your favorite but you never know if one may grow on you.  Drop3 isn’t a bad game once you get used to it.  I played 3 games and won 2 bucks for no more than 10 minutes of games. Online games are a nice way to take a mind break every once and a while.

Clicking NOSO

Just by going to the NOSO tab under the Earn menu you will earn 2 bucks for a few minutes of your time.  Click the start earning now button and the screen will pull up offers they would like for you to complete.  All you have to do is click no thanks for all of the offers and you will earn your bucks.  That is an easy one!

Special Offers

I don’t like the special offers because they are typically sign up for this  no risk trial blah blah blah.  Those things typically come back to bite you in the hiney because you forget to cancel them or some fine print issue.  But on occasion there are some, like the ones pictured above, that don’t cost a dime.  There are three videos that you can watch quickly that earn you 2 bucks after you watch the short video.  (2 of the videos were only 16 seconds)

Trusted Surveys

You can also take surveys through Swagbucks but there is a kicker with these!  You have to spend the time to qualify for the survey to be able to complete the survey to earn the bucks.  Now granted you can earn 50 bucks by successfully completing a survey but you may get discouraged if you try to do a few and you aren’t what they are looking for.  Typically the beginning questions ask you qualifying questions to see if you fit the demographics they are looking for.


This section is new to me but it looks pretty self explanatory.  It gives you a list of tasks you can complete and how much you will earn by completing each task.  For example the one I clicked on, pictured above, pays out 32 bucks and it says it should take 30 minutes to complete.  You must keep an accuracy score above 70% or you won’t be paid for your time.  The accuracy score is used to make sure people are actually putting effort into each task.  This task is to verify electronics information and I assume it will give me a brand’s website to do that.

Finding Swag Codes

You can find codes on their Facebook page, Twitter feed and in their blog.  Sometimes you have to hunt for them on the site and they usually give you a clue in the swidget.  The swidget can be found on the right side of the site here.  They can vary in amounts depending on how hard they are to find.  Sometimes they will change the last few symbols in the code to make it so people can’t copy and paste it to others, which is against the rules.   You just paste the code you find into the Gimme Box on the main screen of the Swagbucks site.


Just like every other rewards program out there you earn a small amount of bucks for getting people to use Swagbucks.  I don’t really know how much you get per buck earned and it’s way late for me to try and figure it out.  Even if you have 500 referrals and they rarely use it you aren’t going to make nearly as much as the other person who has 5 and they are swaggin’ fools.  This is really a quality over quantity type of program.


So now that you have a better idea of how to quickly earn your bucks sign up for your free account through this link!

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